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Chemical Entry Instructions

Create a new page by clicking on the "Create New Page" link on the left sidebar.  Title the page by CAS number.  Next, go to the  Chemical Entry Template and highlight the text from the page (it's recommended to toggle the HTML source first but it's possible to do it with the WYSIWYG editor).  Go to your new page activate the edit mode and enter the copied text (toggling HTML if appropriate).  Edit the text and tables as appropriate (be aware, all table cells will have to be colored by hand), and make sure that all of the links point to the correct page or anchor tag before saving.

The WYSIWYG editor does not always copy URL links properly.  To insure that internal page links are preserved it is best to copy-paste in HTML source code (toggle the button at the right-side end of the second line in the editing toolbar; it looks like < >).

Table cells all have to be formatted by hand, and the cell widths can be finicky.  It is recommended to delete the "Cell Width" value from the cell properties when formatting the background color, or else there could be changes in the table layout.

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