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 This site is DRAFT ONLY AND UNDER DEVELOPMENT.  It is intended to become an independent repository of expert and peer-reviewed Green Screen assessments of chemicals of interest for use by the electronics industry, and an educational site for the Green Screen for Safer Chemicals Version 2.0 chemical alternative assessment tool. 

Green Screen Version 2.0 Peer Review Documents

Welcome Green Screen Peer Reviewers!  Please go the the Green Screen Version 2.0 Peer Review page to obtain information and download documents for the peer review process.  Thank you again for participating!  Note the Green Screen version you are reviewing is posted in attachments on this site but is NOT reflected in the content of the site.

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Chemical scores and information packages are posted as soon as they are approved by the Green Screen@
Technical Review Team.  Chemicals are  listed by Chemical Name  or by CAS Number .

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Green Screen Method Version 2.0

The Green Screen Version 2.0 Method is DRAFT ONLY AND UNDER DEVELOPMENT.  The contents of this site are not being updated regularly. 

  1.     Green Screen Technical Advisory Committee

  2.      Green Screen Overview
  3.     Green Screen Hazard Thresholds 

  4.     Green Screen Benchmarks

  5.     Guidance and Resources for Green Screen Assessments

Assessment Submission

  •     Submitting assessments     

  •     Expert review process

  •     Reviewers

  •     Peer review process

  •     Rebuttals and comments

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